BEACH Cosmetics was created by Canadian actress, makeup artist and cosmetic developer Leanna Tallmeister, with beauty, the beach, mermaids, and kindness in mind.

As a self-described beauty junkie and driven dreamer, Leanna had a very specific vision. After moving to California, she set out to create a beach-inspired beauty line that would utilize the beautifying benefits of the ocean and the purest of botanicals to enhance hair and skin's manageability in a fun and easy way.

This initially gave way to a delectable line of beauty products for perfect skin and healthy hair. Each product was designed to be powerfully effective, pure, and indulgent while remaining natural and cruelty-free. Gorgeous fragrances of tropical cocktails and sandy days at the beach made (and still make) frequent appearances in this line.

Eventually, BEACH's bestselling cult favourite MELLOW OUT was formulated, not as an intentional runaway hit, but rather as a direct response to Leanna's own personal beauty concern- finding a natural detangler that would not only detangle, but also help to protect, repair, and strengthen her own hair in the long term.

In her own words: "I have had thick, coarse, wavy hair all my life. I couldn't find a conditioning detangling product that would actually penetrate my hair to soften it. I would find products that would do a great job detangling my hair right out of the shower, but then within an hour my hair would feel dried out and coarse again. There were no long-term repairing benefits. I found most products were packed with cheap filler ingredients such as parabens and phthalates and sulphates- ingredients that don't really have any actual beauty benefits, but rather deplete the hair of its natural moisture. When I'd try natural products, they wouldn't work dramatically enough. I needed something that would pack a powerful punch. I spent a year researching natural ingredients before coming up with the final formulation. I knew I'd discovered something special when my youngest sister, who has a head full of tight curls and kinks, tried it, and she was immediately able to brush through it like butter. She credits MELLOW OUT for transforming her locks since then and for making her hair more manageable. This product works for everyone, of all ethnicities, and all hair types. You just need to alter the amount you use according to how much hair you have and how thick it is. Hundreds of women worldwide have now tried MELLOW OUT and we receive messages every single day about how much it has improved their hair!"  

BEACH Cosmetics puts kindness and beauty before all else. Every product is formulated with only the purest, ethically-sourced, organic ingredients. Each product is 100% KIND- never tested on animals!